A League of Warriors - Gary Albyn

R 280.00

Aware that his past is about to catch up with him, a psychopathic KGB agent requests a transfer to Africa. Soon after arriving, the ruthless Morozov leads a small band of communist guerrillas into Rhodesia. Their deadly mission: to down another civilian passenger aircraft. Within hours of the tragedy, Rhodesian security forces activate a hot-pursuit operation. Dax Hunter, a young...

OUR SINS - Geoff M. Pereira (SIGNED COPY)

R 295.00

An incident on the Botswana border with South West Africa, involving the strange death of a young border guard, puts Specialist Insurgency Neutralisation Squad Officer - Lieutenant Ray Pike - on the tail of a lethal adversary. Ingwe - is a man with a deadly mission which will ultimately impact on the outcome of South Africa’s border war with Angola....

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