A League of Warriors - Gary Albyn

R 280.00

Aware that his past is about to catch up with him, a psychopathic KGB agent requests a transfer to Africa. Soon after arriving, the ruthless Morozov leads a small band of communist guerrillas into Rhodesia. Their deadly mission: to down another civilian passenger aircraft. Within hours of the tragedy, Rhodesian security forces activate a hot-pursuit operation. Dax Hunter, a young...

OUR SINS - Geoff M. Pereira (SIGNED COPY)

R 295.00

An incident on the Botswana border with South West Africa, involving the strange death of a young border guard, puts Specialist Insurgency Neutralisation Squad Officer - Lieutenant Ray Pike - on the tail of a lethal adversary. Ingwe - is a man with a deadly mission which will ultimately impact on the outcome of South Africa’s border war with Angola....

VRYVAL - Frans du Randt & Koos Moorcroft

Sold Out

Philip van Zyl is ‘n normale en gewone boerseun, wat op die platteland grootgeword het. ‘n Talentvolle jong man wat vroeg op skool reeds, sy leierseienskappe openbaar het. Ook ‘n uiters talentvolle rugbyspeler. Na matriek het hy verskeie opsies gehad, maar op aandrang van sy pa het hy gaan studeer. Dit het nie gewerk nie. Twee jaar later het hy...

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