Come Back to Portofino: Through Italy with the 6th South African Armoured Division - James Bourhill

R 350.00

Using archival sources and private documents recently unearthed, Come Back to Portofino chronicles the journey taken by volunteers in the 6th South African Armoured Division.  From training camps in Egypt through to the blissful summer of 1945 the ‘Div’ left its mark on towns and villages across Italy. From Monte Cassino to the outskirts of Venice and the River Po the campaign...

Buffalo Battalion: South Africa's 32 Battalion - A Tale of Sacrifice - LJ Bothma

R 395.00

By August 1974 the Portuguese had all but abandoned Angola, its erstwhile colony, and there was a fear in both the Intelligence services of South Africa and America that the country was likely to fall the hands of the MPLA, generally regarded as a Soviet surrogate. It was that fear that triggered the training by South Africa of guerrilla groups...

Death Flight: Apartheid's Secret Doctrine of Disappearance - Michael Schmidt

R 320.00 R 295.00

In the late 1970s, as the apartheid government fought a desperate and dirty battle to stay in power, its security forces devised a chilling new tactic. A shadowy, top-secret unit called Delta 40 was established, tasked with the murder of hundreds of ANC, PAC, and SWAPO members. Victims’ bodies were flung from aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean. Based on the detailed analysis of flight logs and...

Atrocities, Diamonds and Diplomacy - Peter Penfold

R 400.00

In early 1997 Peter Penfold, arrived in Sierra Leone as the British High Commissioner. This fascinating book describes not just his eventful three year tour but the background and subsequent events that placed this small country at the centre of the world stage.During his tour he found himself as right hand man to the country's beleaguered President Kabbah. Due to...

On Laughter-Silvered Wings: The Story of Lt. Col. E.T (Ted) Strever D.F.C - Gail Strever – Morkel

R 475.00

This is the thoroughly researched account of the life and times of a South African WW2 pilot, the author's father, Ted. It is highly personal, drawing on family history and changing lifestyles as the central figure fights his way through a series of experiences, flying coastal strike missions in the Mediterranean and North Africa, then in the Far East against the...

Mozambican Civil War: Marxist–Apartheid Proxy, 1977–1992 - Stephen Emerson

R 395.00

As the Cold War raged on in the 1970s and 1980s, much of southern Africa, from Angola to Mozambique, became caught up in the superpower competition as local and regional proxies for both Moscow and Washington fought it out on the battlefield. Thus, the struggle to determine the future of a newly independent Mozambique was shaped by multiple factors beyond...

Nuclear Terror: The Bomb and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction - Al J. Venter

R 675.00

These are frightening times for us all: Sarin nerve gas being sprayed on innocent civilians in Syria, threats that biological warfare agents might be spread about on the New York Subway and the most terrifying of all, three dirty bomb attacks thwarted in Russia. The reality of all these developments is that the environment in which we live today is...

Undeniable: A Memoir Of A Covert War - Philippa Garson

Sold Out

Philippa Garson worked for the brave and upstart Weekly Mail during the early 1990s, where she covered the civil war between Inkatha and the ANC/ANC-aligned forces. Undeniable is an account of that period of her life, where she and colleagues Mondli Makhanya, Kevin Carter, Anton Harber and others tracked and discovered the involvement of a ‘third force’, which was fuelling the killing...

The Last of Africa's Cold War Conflicts - Al J. Venter

Sold Out

Portugal was the first European country to colonise Africa. It was also the last to leave, almost five centuries later. During the course of what Lisbon called its “civilizing mission in Africa” the Portuguese weathered numerous insurrections, but none as severe as the guerrilla war first launched in Angola in 1961 and two years later in Portuguese Guinea. While Angola...

No Easy Battle - Captain Wanda Zondi

R 225.00

No Easy Battle: How I Overcame Extreme Obstacles to Achieve My Dream, the battle may not be easy, but it's worth it.  Wanda Zondi was born on 14 April 1984 in the rural areas of Mhlanga village in the small district of Libode in Eastern Cape. Having grown up under extreme poverty, he had to dig deep within in order...

Commemorative Challenge Coin - Lt Mike Murphy

R 500.00

Commemorative Challenge Coin - Lt Mike Murphy, 50mm diameter. 

Commemorative Challenge Coin - Task Force Dagger

R 500.00

Commemorative Challenge Coin - Task Force Dagger, 50mm diameter.

Commemorative Challenge Coin - Operation Protea

R 450.00

Commemorative Challenge Coin - Operation Protea.  Only 50 manufactured, numbered. 50mm diameter.

Commemorative Challenge Coin - CIA Special Operations Group

R 500.00

Commemorative Challenge Coin - CIA Special Operations Group 50mm diameter.  

OPERATION LIGHTHOUSE: Intaf in the Rhodesian Bush War 1972–1980

R 700.00

From 1890 and throughout its history, the men of Internal Affairs were bound by an intense loyalty to each other, combined with a deep understanding of the tribal people in their charge. Their greatest strengths were individuality and self-reliance, strengths that were called upon to the fullest during the rebellions of 1896–97, and again in the conflict of the 1970s....

Military Badges And Insignia Of Southern Africa - Colin R Owen (SIGNED)

R 950.00

A reference book for badges, patches and flashes from Southern Africa. This volume covers numerous countries including Rhodesia, South Africa, Zambia, Angola and more. Book is packed with page after page of color and B&W images on high quality glossy paper. All insignia are numbered and indexed with brief descriptions of each Hardcover, A4, 215 pages - published 1990. All copies...

The Fading Light - John Gartner

R 495.00

The Fading Light: Memories of a Professional Soldier's Five Decades of War and Conflict in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. An Australian former Special Forces soldier describes his experiences and recollections of war and civil disturbance across continents and areas of conflict, interspersed with insights into the nature and character of his various employers, and insightful analysis of the...

Move The Border: A History of the Greatest Battles of the Angolan Border War 1966-1989 - Marius Scheepers

R 400.00

An account which strives to place the war which South Africa fought in Angola in a historically meaningful perspective. Although the conflict initially centered on the opposing agendas of the SADF and People’s Liberation Army of Namibia of SWAPO, it was to escalate and take on an international Cold War character as Angolan, Cuban, and Soviet protagonists appeared on the...

THE LONG RANGE DESERT GROUP: History and Legacy - Lars Gyllenhaal & Karl-Gunnar Norén

R 450.00

The world’s most respected special forces unit, the Special Air Service (SAS), was inspired by another irregular unit, the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) or simply Ghost Patrol. You may now accompany the authors in Ghost Patrol vehicles far, far behind Rommel’s lines. While doing so you will acquire insights into some extreme raids and reconnaissance missions. You will become...

K-9 Honde Soldate - Peet Coetzee

R 280.00

Hier is die eerste boek van sy soort wat die geskiedenis van die Honde Sentrum reg vanaf die ontstaan in 1964 tot die wegkwyning van die eenheid in 2007 aan u uitbeeld. Met verbluffende kennis, humor, deernis en erns vertel die skrywer onderhoudend hoe honde vroeër deur die Weermag vir spesiale diens aangewend is. Die wisselwerking tussen die man en...

Iron Fist From The Sea: South Africa's Seaborne Raiders 1978-1988 - Douw Steyn & Arnè Söderlund (Hardcover, Limited Edition - Signed)

R 3,500.00

This seminal work documents the clandestine seaborne operations undertaken by South Africa’s 4 Reconnaissance Commando Regiment. It breathtakingly reveals the versatility and effectiveness of this elite unit which worked with a range of other South African and Rhodesian forces, including the Rhodesian SAS, to engage in a range of raiding and war fighting activities. These operations saw the clandestine reconnaissance...

Further memoirs of a Bush War Operator: Life in the Rhodesian Light Infantry, Selous Scouts and beyond - Andrew Balaam

R 500.00

From the searing heat of the Zambezi valley to the freezing cold of the Chimanimani mountains in Rhodesia; from the bars in Port St John’s in the Transkei to the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa; to the slums of Maputo Mozambique and the violence and corruption of Beira Mozambique to the beauty of the Portuguese Islands. This is one man’s...

Ratel: The Making of a Legend (2 Volume Bookset)

R 800.00 R 700.00

This two-volume book covers the history of the Ratel from the requirement for an ICV for the SA Army in the late 1960s and early 1970s through to the development, production and deployment of Ratel and to its final major combat operation of the Border War in 1989.   The book is about Ratel, not about the Border War; although, obviously,...

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