History of the US Marines - Jack Murphy

R 350.00

Secondhand, hardcover, good condition. 

Johannes Strydsman: Legendariese Boereverkenner En Kaapse Rebel - Johannes W. Van Der Walt

R 275.00

Hierdie boek handel oor Hendrik Stephanus Johannes van der Walt alias Johannes Strydsman, se oorlogervarings as verkenner onder die bevel van kommandant P.H. Kritzinger, tydens die kommando se inval in die Kaapkolonie. In hierdie boek kry ons ‘n unieke insig in die lewe van die vegtende Burger op kommando. Kommandant Kritzinger val die Kaap kolonie binne om die Britse magte...

The Last Days of the Cathars - Mike Hoare

R 390.00

In the middle of the 12th Century an obscure Christian sect emerged in France, a little north of the Pyrenees. They were known as Cathars. They believed that Jesus had given their Church a unique power - to baptise with the Holy Ghost. It was on this rock that the Cathars founded their belief that they were the sole successors...

Adventures in Africa - Mike Hoare

R 375.00

Go with Mike on foot across Basutoland; by motorbike from Cape to Cairo; to sea in a 36-foot ketch; into the Kalahari desert – and more. In the last chapter he describes how he and his wife move to an Eden-like island in the Okavango delta, and the terrible and wonderful events that take place there. Softcover, 217 pages. The book...

The Road to Kalamata - Mike Hoare

R 375.00

Col. Mike Hoare describes how his 4 Commando supported Moise Tshombe’s breakaway state of Katanga against both the UN forces, and the Baluba tribesmen who used poison arrows, pit traps, marijuana, spells, jungle drums … and even resorted to ritual torture and cannibalism. Softcover, 131 pages. The book is newly printed and we sell it as such.

The Seychelles Affair - Mike Hoare

R 400.00

Col. Mike Hoare tells how he planned to overthrow the socialist government of the Seychelles, what went wrong at Mahé airport, and his trial and 33-month imprisonment in South African jails. Softcover, 207 pages. The book is newly printed and we sell it as such.

Three Years with Sylvia - Mike Hoare

R 350.00

Mike and his family sail the Western Mediterranean in a 72-foot yacht – a converted 100 ton Baltic trader. The yachting anecdotes bring out the Irish in him. Softcover, 189 pages. The book is newly printed and we sell it as such.

Congo Warriors - Mike Hoare

R 450.00

Col. Mike Hoare’s favourite book consists of 21 short stories, giving new insight into the minds and hearts of adventurers who become mercenary soldiers. It captures the spirit of mercenary soldiering. Softcover, 191 pages. The book is newly printed and we sell it as such.

Congo Mercenary - Mike Hoare

R 450.00

Col. Mike Hoare tells how he led 5 Commando in three campaigns to put down a communist-backed rebel uprising and restored order to the Congo. He and his swashbucklers freed over 1800 nuns and priests, and they learned from scratch what it meant to be real soldiers. Set in 1964/5 Softcover, 318 pages. The book is newly printed and we sell...

How Churchill Waged War - Allen Packwood

R 425.00

Becoming Minister of Defence as well as Prime Minister in May 1940, Winston Churchill was ready to get his hands dirty and take personal control of military policy.With full responsibility for Britain's success or failure in war effort, he would be faced with monumental challenges and crucial decisions upon which the fate of Britain and the free world rest.How to...

Twelve Days On The Somme: A Memoir of the Trenches, 1916 - Sidney Rogerson

R 295.00

A joint operation between Britain and France in 1916, the Battle of the Somme was an attempt to gain territory and dent Germany's military strength.  By the end of the action, very little ground had been won: the Allied Forces had made just 12 km. For this slight gain, more than a million lives were lost. There were more than 400,000...

Nazi Women of the Third Reich - Paul Roland

R 295.00

Hitler had declared that 'National Socialism will be an exclusively male revolution'...While his cynical spin doctor Goebbels attempted to justify the exclusion of women from politics and public life, he declared that they were being denied an active role in the administration so that their 'essential dignity be restored'.Nevertheless, German women were active participants in the dictatorship, some proving to...

The Desert Air Force in World War II - Ken Delve

R 600.00

Delve into this comprehensive reference guide to the structure, operation, aircraft and men of the 1st Tactical Air Force, or Desert Air Force as it became known.Forming in North Africa to support the 8th Army and squadrons from the RAF, SAAF, RAAF and USAAF, this book includes everything you need to know on the defensive and offensive campaigns.Including the many...

Victory in Europe: The Allies Defeat of the Axis Forces

R 350.00

Operation Overlord was one of the greatest ever military offensives, working to free Europe from the yoke of Nazism. Starting with the landings on D-Day, Victory in Europe traces the Allied struggle to create a foothold in "Fortress Europe". Overcoming initial setbacks, the final crossing of the Rhine and the advance into Germany changed the course of European history forever....

Curly’s Story - Hugh Gurnell

R 375.00

This book tells the story of the author’s three contracts as a mercenary in the ‘64-‘65 Congo conflict. It is a vivid account of his personal experiences, from his first contract as a raw recruit to his last contract, when he was involved in the formation of the navy on Lake Tanganyika and was the first C.O. Hugh started writing...

Die Brug: Na Die Hel En Terug In Angola - Deon Lamprecht

R 295.00

In vergeelde foto’s van drie dekades gelede staan oopgesigseuns vol bravade voor Ratel-gevegsvoertuie. Hierdie dienspligtiges van 61 Gemeganiseerde Bataljongroep staan aan die begin van hul reis diep in Angola in om vir volk en vaderland te gaan veg.  In ’n bloedige geveg op Valentynsdag 1988 en in die doodsakker by Tumpo sou hul jeugdige onskuld egter sneuwel. In die hitte...

Soldaat en Mens - Generaal Georg Meiring

Sold Out

Generaal Georg Meiring vertel sy verhaal in sy eie taal met humor en skroom nie om die waarheid, soms ten koste van homself, uit te lap nie. As ‘n plaasseun uit die Oos-Vrystaat is hy deur vele gebeure, wat hom dikwels gedwing het om homself te “herontwerp”, in slegs 14 jaar van ‘n kaptein tot ‘n generaal gevorm, om as...

Duel Under the Stars: The Memoir of a Luftwaffe Night Pilot in World War II - Wilhelm Johnen

R 395.00

"The enemy bomber grew larger in my sights and the rear gunner was sprayed by my guns just as he opened fire. The rest was merely a matter of seconds. The bomber fell like a stone out of the sky and exploded on the ground. The nightmare came to an end."In this enthralling memoir, the author recounts his experiences of...

Tiger Battalion 507 - Helmut Schneider

R 600.00

This is the little-known story of Heavy Panzer (Tiger) Battalion 507 told through the recollections of the men who fought with the unit.  The book was conceived during a reunion of the 507' at Rohrdorf in 1982, where it was agreed to set up an editorial committee under Helmut Schneider, himself a veteran of the battalion, to search for as...

Kursk: The Greatest Tank Battle - Will Fowler

R 450.00

In an attempt to regain initiative on the Eastern Front, Germany unleashed a force of more than 3000 tanks and assault guns in July, 1943. With more than 4000 Soviet tanks facing them, what was about to occur was one of the greatest tank battles in the history of armoured warfare. Including first-hand accounts from both sides, stunningly vivid photographs...

Spirit of a Sniper - Bill Russell

R 120.00

Cassino, Italy 1944. The Allied 8th and American 5th Armies were engaged in a fanatically contested advance, opposed by elite units of the German Army. In the forefront of the allied advance was a Regiment of South African Volunteers, survivors of the North African campaign, and sniper, Peter 'Isinkwe' McTavish. Protected by the spirit of his childhood mentor the wise...

Vat Jou Goed en Trek Ferreira - LJ Bothma

R 350.00

Terwyl die vlaktes duskant Upington droomverlore in die maanlig gelê het, het ek aan Matt White se woorde gedink: 'I want to die with my boots on.' Miskien was dit ook hoe die Ferreiras wou sterf?Die ink op die Vredesverdrag van Vereeninging was skaars droog, toe John Hendrik Ferreira en vyf makkers die Kaapkolonie vanuit Duits-Suidwes-Afrika binnegeval het om Suid-Afrika...


Come Back to Portofino: Through Italy with the 6th South African Armoured Division - James Bourhill

R 350.00 R 297.50

Using archival sources and private documents recently unearthed, Come Back to Portofino chronicles the journey taken by volunteers in the 6th South African Armoured Division.  From training camps in Egypt through to the blissful summer of 1945 the ‘Div’ left its mark on towns and villages across Italy. From Monte Cassino to the outskirts of Venice and the River Po the campaign...

Buffalo Battalion: South Africa's 32 Battalion - A Tale of Sacrifice - LJ Bothma

R 395.00

By August 1974 the Portuguese had all but abandoned Angola, its erstwhile colony, and there was a fear in both the Intelligence services of South Africa and America that the country was likely to fall the hands of the MPLA, generally regarded as a Soviet surrogate. It was that fear that triggered the training by South Africa of guerrilla groups...

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