The Tank Book: The Definitive Visual History of Armoured Vehicles

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From the birth of the tank to unmanned vehicles and the tanks of the future, The Tank Book offers a truly definitive look at over 400 different tanks, produced in association with The Tank Museum. Take an up-close look at British, US, Russian, and French tanks, meet key designers such as Mikhail Koshkin and Sir William Tritton, and understand the...

Apartheid, Guns and Money - Hennie van Vuuren

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In this thoroughly researched book, Hennie van Vuuren lifts the lid on some of the darkest secrets of apartheid’s economic crimes. The research weaves together material collected in over two dozen archives in eight countries over four years, providing readers with an insight into tens of thousands of pages of newly declassified documents. Interviews with businessmen, politicians, sanctions busters and...

CUITO CUANAVALE: 12 Months of War that Transformed a Continent - FRED BRIDGLAND

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“As we advanced the tanks began firing ahead speculatively. It was an amazing sight. After an Olifant [tank] unleashed a 105 mm shell you saw a path opening up through the forest just like the Red Sea divided for Moses.” It is September 1987. The Angolan Army – with the support of Cuban troops and Soviet advisors – has built...

Warfare by Other Means: South Africa in the 1980's and 1990's - Peter Stiff

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This wide ranging title deals with everything you didn't know about the total onslaught of the last years of the apartheid era. It tells of assassinations inside and outside of South Africa sanctioned by the State Security Council. It deals with the ruthless killings of friend and foe alike. It deals with the untold story of how South Africa nearly...

Four Flags, The Odyssey of a Professional Soldier: Part 2 - Dave Barr

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Four Flags refers to the four armies Dave Barr fought in, US Marines, Israeli Paratroopers, Rhodesian RLI and the South African Paratroopers, Pathfinders where he lost his legs. PART 2 - RHODESIAN SECURITY FORCES 1979-80, SOUTH AFRICAN DEFENCE FORCE 1981-83 Dave Barr knew from 12 years old he wanted to be a Marine. Following a series of menial jobs – including...

Eye On The Enemy: 31 Battalion - The Recce Wing - Neil Reynolds

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Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved? The book is about the authors experiences whilst serving in the 31 Bn Recce Wing between 1984 and...

Portuguese Commandos: Feared Insurgent Hunters, 1961-1974 (John P Cann)

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AFRICA@WAR SERIES: VOLUME 27 Portuguese Commandos: Feared Insurgent Hunters, 1961-1974 (John P Cann) During the 13-year insurgency (1961–74) in Portuguese Africa, more than 800,000 men and women served in the Portuguese armed forces. Of this number, about 9,000 served as commandos (or about 1 percent). Yet their combat losses ― 357 dead, 28 missing in action and 771 wounded ― represented...

The Paras: Portugal's First Elite Force (John P Cann)

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AFRICA@WAR SERIES: VOLUME 28 THE PARAS: PORTUGAL'S FIRST ELITE FORCE (AFRICA@WAR) Portuguese paratroopers or "paras" began as a stepchild of the army and found a home in the Portuguese Air Force in 1955. Initially, the post-World War Two Portuguese Army seemed to have had mixed emotions about the need for elite, special-purpose forces that operated in small units with the attendant...

Battle For Angola: The End Of The Cold War In Africa c1975-89

Sold Out

Following the publication of Al Venter's successful Portugal's Guerrilla Wars in Africa - shortlisted by the New York Military Affairs Symposium's 'Arthur Goodzeit Book Award for 2013' - his Battle for Angola delves still further into the troubled history of this former Portuguese African colony.  This is a completely fresh work running to almost 600 pages including 32 pages of...

Maritime Fixed Wing Aircraft of the South African Air Force - Winston Brent

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African Aviation Series No. 28  A pictorial history of aircraft flown on operations off the South African coastline 1939 - 2014. It also includes a list of ships (incl warships) sunk, captured or damaged within a 1000 miles of the coast of South Africa & South West Africa (1939-1945). Badges & patches of the maritime fixed wing squadrons are also...

ONS WAS DAAR: Sektor Een Zero - Paul Els

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Die boek vertel die stories van die SAW en SAP in Owambo en Kaokoveld. Die noorde van Suidwes-Afrika was vir baie SA Weermag en SAP lede en hul families se tuiste tydens die bosoorlog. Dit gee persoonlike stories en fotos en kortliks iets van permanente eenhede wat daar was. Stories soos oor die bus met families in, wat ‘n landmyn...

PARABAT - Mathew Paul

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PARABAT: Personal accounts of paratroopers in combat situations in South Africa's history. In order to obtain a balanced and fair account, the author interviewed paratroopers of all races. Parabat is also a study of how the exploits of the South African airborne family are seen by the men on the ground. The experiences have been set down exactly as related to...

Motoring Memories Of The British South Africa Police - Barry Woan & Peter Huson

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MOTORING MEMORIES OF THE BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA POLICE - Written & compiled by Barry Woan & Peter Huson This book starts with a history of the British South Africa Police (BSAP) Motor Car Club, which would never have existed if it had not been for the enthusiasm of the then Commissioner, Basil Spurling.  It was a success during its short...

Tainted Heroes (DVD)

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Tainted Heroes tells the story of how the African National Congress (ANC) – once a marginalized organisation within the South African political landscape – rose to power in the aftermath of the Soweto Uprisings in 1976. The documentary deals with the organisation’s military training received in various African countries as well as the lesser known story of how the ANC...

MEN OF THE MENDI: South Africa's Forgotten Heroes of World War 1 - Brenda Shepherd

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This is the story of the sinking of the SS Mendi during WW1, the bravery of the men on board and the ensuing inquiry conducted by the Board of Trade in London. The story follows the small band of survivors to France where they complete their tour of duty. The First World War rages in Europe, it is a white...

SPECIAL AIR SERVICE: The Men Speak - Jonathan Pittaway

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Until now little has been known about the Rhodesian contribution to the history of the SAS. Now at last the men themselves tell their own stories of the exploits of that Special Forces unit during the Bush War and the years before. SAS Rhodesia provides a comprehensive account of the origins and history of this famous Special Forces unit, as told...

KOEVOET: The Men Speak - Jonathan Pittaway

R650.00 ZAR

This is the story of one of the world's most effective Special Forces units told by the men who served in it. Breaking with conventional military thinking, the South African Police created Koevoet by refining the concept of the counter-insurgency group pioneered in Rhodesia during the Bush War in order to provide up-to-date intelligence about an elusive enemy. Now at...

FIREARMS: Developed and Manufactured in Southern Africa 1949 - 2000

R1,150.00 ZAR

Two hundred and twenty local firearms are covered in this new reference guide. The full story of these firearms and of the people who designed them has never before been told. This new firearms reference guide is the result of eight years of hard work tracing and interviewing key people, scanning original documents and taking original photographs. This book comprehensively covers the...

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Salute the Eagle: My experiences as a Parabat in Angola – Kevin Vos

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"This is my story; from the time when I was conscripted as a schoolboy into the army at age seventeen." This story is fact and not fiction. It is not a historical account written in the first person, it is written as a novel giving insight into the small talk, the joys and the challenges of army life; culminating in...

OUMAN Wall Clock

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OUMAN Wall Clock, 30cm diameter. BUSH WAR BOOKS have been granted permission by Mark Raats, the creator and copyright holder of the well known "An Unpopular War" artwork, to manufacture and sell this magnificent item.

The Helderberg Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction? - Steven Webb

R295.00 ZAR

Think of everything that you know or thought you knew about the 1987 South African Airways Flight 295 accident, and ask yourselves whether or not you are 100% sure that the information that has for years been propagated as being fact, is not perhaps fiction. ​ With the help of experts, one of them being a former investigator of this...

Publish and be Damned: Two Decades of Scandals - Chris Steyn-Barlow

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Chris Steyn-Barlow became a journalist by an unexpected twist after she took a secretarial post at the Sunday Tribune's Johannesburg's bureau. She proved herself a useless secretary but her boss, the legendary Viv Prince, sent her out on stories instead of firing her. Her first job was to interview British fashion guru, Mary Quant, and ask if it was true she...

KGB Commemorative Challenge Coin

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USSR KGB 3D Commemorative Challenge Coin, 50mm diameter, numbered. 01-50/50