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REALLY INSIDE BOSS: A Tale of South Africa’s late Intelligence Service (And Something about the CIA) – PC Swanepoel

Authors Foreword:

“This book was initially conceived of as nothing else but a commentary on James Sanders' APARTHEIDS’ FRIENDS – THE RISE AND FALL OF SOUTH AFRICA'S SECRET SERVICE which appeared in 2006. Its name was suggested by INSIDE BOSS, a book written 25 years earlier and copiously made use of by Sanders. For one reason or another commentary seemed to end up as something else.

I felt called upon to undertake this task. Having served in the National Intelligence Service and its predecessors for more than 34 years, my colleagues and I never considered ourselves "Apartheid's Friends". Most of us were opposed to "petty apartheid". We tried to be apolitical and objective. It is true that I saw merit in what came to be called "grand apartheid", the ideal of a Federation of Southern African States,  in which my own people, the Afrikaners, would control their own (albeit a small) portion or portions of the country. I even propounded, in print in 1965, the creation of a homeland for whites. Later I was to replace "whites” with "Afrikaners’ defined as "Afrikaans speaking people, irrespective of their race, colour or creed". (This switch to a more inclusive world-view occurred before I discovered that I was a descendant of Eva Krokoa, the Khoekoen (or Hottentot) girl, who grew up, (circa 1655) in Jan Van Riebeeck's house in Cape Town!)

In a sense this book also sets out to highlight the role played covertly against the previous South African government by Western, as against communist forces.  Curiously enough, there appears to be reluctance on the part of British and American commentators to deal with this issue.

The book is not a literary work. English is not the writer's first language. The reason why it was written in English was to enable the James Sanders of this world to read it. Numerous and often lengthy verbatim quotations are included. The sources are identified in the script and not in footnotes”

Pretoria, May, 2007.

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Really Inside BOSS: A Tale of South Africa's Late Intelligence Service (and Something about the CIA)

Iron Fist From the Sea.

Well written informative detailing the reach of South African Special Forces during the Angolan conflict. Highly Recommend.


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