The Tall Assassin: The Darkest Political Murders of the Old South Africa - Alan D. Elsdon

R 280.00

General Hendrik van den Bergh, head of Security Police and BOSS, was for many, the most feared man in the Apartheid-era South Africa. He reigned in terror and was a noted personality among Cold War spies. This book, by a former member of the Security Police, implicates him in the murders of HF Verwoerd, Steve Biko, Dr Robert Smit and his wife,...

Shred When Read - Michael Bowery

R 300.00

This work is a serious, non-fictional autobiography, which inter alia is an expose of the times and personalities involved during the thirty years the author spent in covert operations with the Nationalist Party government of South Africa from 1966. The author’s targets during this period included Soviet and Cuban political and military activity in Southern Africa and those of the...

Die Lang Generaal - Die duistere politieke sluipmoorde van die ou Suid Afrika - Alan D. Elsdon

R 280.00

Generaal Lang Hendrik van den Bergh, oud-hoof van die Veiligheidspolisie en hoof van BOSS, was vir baie die mees gevreesde man in apartheid-era Suid-Afrika. Selfs internasionaal was hy 'n gerekende figuur onder Koue Oorlog-spioene. Hierdie boek deur 'n oud-veiligheidspolisieman, verbind hom met die moorde van HF Verwoerd,Steve Biko, Dr Robert Smit en sy vrou, professor Johan Heyns en andere. Vir...

The Helderberg Conspiracy: Fact or Fiction? - Steven Webb

Sold Out

Think of everything that you know or thought you knew about the 1987 South African Airways Flight 295 accident, and ask yourselves whether or not you are 100% sure that the information that has for years been propagated as being fact, is not perhaps fiction. ​ With the help of experts, one of them being a former investigator of this...

The Bomb : South Africa's Nuclear Weapons Program - Dr. Nic von Wielligh & Lydia von Wielligh-Steyn

Sold Out

The most comprehensive account ever of South Africa's nuclear power written by an insider and specialist as the main author. 576 pp with photo sections in colour and black-and-white.  

Really Inside BOSS: A Tale of South Africa's Late Intelligence Service (and Something about the CIA)

Sold Out

REALLY INSIDE BOSS: A Tale of South Africa’s late Intelligence Service (And Something about the CIA) – PC Swanepoel Authors Foreword: “This book was initially conceived of as nothing else but a commentary on James Sanders' APARTHEIDS’ FRIENDS – THE RISE AND FALL OF SOUTH AFRICA'S SECRET SERVICE which appeared in 2006. Its name was suggested by INSIDE BOSS, a...

Agent 407: A South African Spy Breaks Her Silence - Olivia Forsyth

Sold Out

In the world of espionage, truth is the first victim and nothing is as it seems. Here, for the first time, South Africa’s most notorious apartheid spy Olivia Forsyth lays bare the story of her remarkable life.  Olivia Forsyth was a romantic young woman in search of adventure when she joined the Security Police with visions of international derring-do. But...

BULALA: A True Story of South Africa - Cuan Elgin

Sold Out

"BULALA abaTagati" means in Zulu, "Kill the Wizards!" These were the words Zulu king Dingane used in 1838, when ordering his bodyguards to execute the Boer emissaries, shortly after their mutual signing of a land treaty.   The gripping tale of the beginnings of a small, brave, Christian nation born of both extremes of the emotional spectrum: conflict, turmoil, and tragedy as well...

Shaking Hands with Billy - Anthony Turton

R 255.00

Shaking Hands with Billy is a book that goes behind the scenes into the top secret world of the South African security force community during the build-up to the country's first democratic elections in 1994. The book reads at three different levels, because that moment in time is embedded in a set of regional dynamics, by which the author  is...

In The Heart Of The Whore: The Story Of Apartheid's Death Squads - Jacques Pauw

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The ongoing assassinations of anti-apartheid activists led to rumours that some kind of third force must be responsible. The South African government flatly denied any involvement. All investigations of the matter were met with stony silence.  The first crack in the wall came with the publication by the Vrye Weekblad newspaper of the extraordinary story of Dirk Coetzee, former Security...

INTO THE HEART OF DARKNESS: Confessions of Apartheid's Assassins - Jacques Pauw

Sold Out

Jacques Pauw has been an investigative journalist for more than three decades. Before the phenomenal success of The President’s Keepers, he spent years tracking down apartheid death squads. Into the Heart of Darkness, first released in 1997, was the result of this work. Despite official denials and cover-ups, the rumours of apartheid’s death squads have now been proved to be all too real....

PW Botha: The Interviews / Die Onderhoude (DVD)

R 400.00

P.W. BOTHA (1916/01/12 - 2006/11/01) At the age of 90 PW Botha is the most controversial living leader out of the apartheid era. Ten years ago he announced that he would be granting no more in-depth interviews to the media. Mark Williams of Thuthuka Productions decided that history would be well served if PW Botha changed his mind. He asked veteran...

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