Shred When Read - Michael Bowery

R 300.00

This work is a serious, non-fictional autobiography, which inter alia is an expose of the times and personalities involved during the thirty years the author spent in covert operations with the Nationalist Party government of South Africa from 1966. The author’s targets during this period included Soviet and Cuban political and military activity in Southern Africa and those of the...

Shaking Hands with Billy - Anthony Turton

R 255.00

Shaking Hands with Billy is a book that goes behind the scenes into the top secret world of the South African security force community during the build-up to the country's first democratic elections in 1994. The book reads at three different levels, because that moment in time is embedded in a set of regional dynamics, by which the author  is...

Practical Politics, Power and Governance in Africa - Isaac Mashaba

R 295.00

Isaac Mashaba’s book is a frank and honest appraisal of much of what has gone wrong in Africa, and in particular with South Africa. His understanding of the current toxic political environment and its impact on South Africa, sheds a light on much of the country and the prevailing political and social dynamics, and indeed the continent’s challenges and problems....

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