Operation Enterprise: The Battle for Salisbury, Rhodesia - Nick Skipworth-Michell

R 250.00

Operation ENTERPRISE was the most successful internal operation of the Rhodesian war, and arguably the most important, being fiercely fought just 20 km’s north of Salisbury. It foiled ZANLA’s plan to infiltrate the Capital and disrupt the elections in April 1979 which brought about the transitional Government of Zimbabwe Rhodesia. Deployment tactics for as many as three contacts in a...

THE BLACK BOOTS: The History of the BSAP Support Unit

R 1,250.00

Historical lineage from 1898 through the Rhodesian Bush War with personal experiences of life in the Unit. The horrors of war, pain, fear, sadness, success, honor and relief. Perfect for the coffee table immersed with never seen before photographs in black and white as well as color and guaranteed to get your guests talking as well as the stories flowing...

The Uncomfortable Truth: An In Depth Study into The Rhodesian Viscount Tragedies - Geoffrey Alp

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A detailed examination of the Viscount tragedies in Rhodesia. Includes a technical review of the Strela ground to air missile and Vickers Viscount. A lot of questions get asked about the Viscount tragedies. Here are some that are addressed in the book.1. How did a journalist know it was aground to air missile before the forensic and crash investigation had been completed? 2....

Sitting Target: Working in Rhodesia's Bush War - Lindsay O'Brien

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1973. Rhodesia. An outlawed state with an infant insurgency smouldering in the northeast border regions. That’s when I stumbled unintentionally into farm work north of a pinprick sized village of Centenary. Named after the centenary of the birth of Cecil Rhodes (1853 – 1902), the region boasted the best tobacco growing conditions in the world. Using cheap African labour and...


Chibaya Moyo 2: The Rhodesian African Rifles: An Anthology of Anecdotes

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Chibaya Moyo 2: The Rhodesian African Rifles: An Anthology of Anecdotes - Andy Telfer & Russell Fulton Chibaya Moyo, 'Strike to the Heart' in chiShona, is an anthology of stories and anecdotes from those who served with the Masodja, the all-volunteer black soldiers of the Rhodesian African Rifles, a proud regiment that fought with distinction in two world wars, the...


SAS Action in Africa: Terrorists, Poachers and Civil War C Squadron Operations, 1968–1980 - Michael Graham

R 550.00 R 495.00

This gripping action-packed book is the eagerly awaited sequel to the best-selling Secret SAS Missions in Africa. C Squadron SAS, comprising dedicated battle-hardened veterans, operated against ruthless terrorist groups, trained and equipped by the Chinese and Russians between 1968 and 1980.The Author, who rose to be the Squadron Second-in-Command, is superbly qualified to tell the inside story of their daring...


THE ELITE: The Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service - Barbara Cole

R 550.00 R 467.50

The Rhodesian Special Air Service, one of the most formidable fighting forces in the world, operated almost exclusively across the borders during the long bitter bush war, undertaking deep-penetration missions against insurgents being harboured inside neighbouring Mozambique and Zambia. There were missions into Botswana too, and at one stage, SAS men were operating without benefit of passports in all three...


R 395.00

AFRICA@WAR SERIES: VOLUME 24 THE RWANDAN PATRIOTIC FRONT 1990-1994 On 1 October 1990, hundreds of Banyarawanda militants that served with the Ugandan Army deserted their posts to form the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and invade Rwanda. Thus began the Rwandan Civil War, which was to culminate in the famous genocide of nearly one million of Tutsi and moderate Hutus, in...

Survival Course: Rhodesian Denouement and the War of Self - Chris Cocks

R 350.00

The sequel to the bestselling “Fireforce: One Mans’s War in the Rhodesian Light Infantry”, “Survival Course” covers the final 18 months of the Bush War in Rhodesia when Chris Cocks served as a stick leader in PATU (Police Anti-Terrorist Unit). The account continues into the post-1980 Zimbabwean independence period with the author’s messy attempts at adjusting to life as a...

The Rhodesian SAS: They Who Dared - Andy Ryan

R 295.00

From the Author of ‘BRAVO TEN’, the explosive true story of some of the greatest secret operations of the Rhodesian SAS…. At the height of the cold war, the small landlocked country of Rhodesia found herself ranged against two powerful communist terrorist armies who, in turn, were backed by Soviet Russia and China. The strategic aim of both backers was...

Commando: Shoot To Kill - Peter Rische

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Ranged against two powerful communist terrorist armies, the small, under-equipped army of Rhodesia defied all military convention by not only resisting the onslaught, but taking the fight to the very heart of the ZIPRA and ZANLA terrorist machines. The efforts of the Rhodesian army and air force shocked the world; how could such a small force of men repel the...

Rhodesian Special Branch: Pseudo Warfare - Digby Pocock

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Rhodesian Special Branch Pseudo Warfare This is a fascinating and remarkable tale of one man’s valiant determination to help save his country, Rhodesia, from Soviet and Chinese Communist backed radicals, as they unleashed brutal force on the rural population of Rhodesia.In order to outsmart the terrorist intelligence network, he reverted to a pseudo warfare roll, locating and attacking terrorist in...

Hot and Cold: Memoirs Of A Rhodesian SAS Soldier - Brian Jackson

R 280.00

From 1965 to 1980 Rhodesia was involved in a bitter struggle against communist-backed forces intent on overthrowing the country. “C” Squadron Rhodesia Special Air Service played a leading role in the conflict. Four-man SAS call signs operated far and wide in both Mozambique and Zambia taking on the enemy in his own backyard. Long hours of gruelling patrolling and waiting...

Intake 131: Nineteen Weeks as a Rhodesian Army Officer Cadet - Sandy Sanderson

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In 1973, Sandy Sanderson attended School of Infantry in Gwelo, in what was then central Rhodesia, for officer training. Now, more than 40 years on, he has written a book based on the diary he kept. The result is a frank, detailed and sometimes humorous account of the training as it happened. The book will be intriguing to people from...


Out On a Limb - Nick Skipworth-Michell

R 240.00 R 204.00

Having left English public schooling Nick decided that he should return to Rhodesia in 1979 to enlist. This is a story of how, having joined up, he had his leg amputated at the age of 17 and continued to serve as a trained combat medic for both the Rhodesian Forces and later the Zimbabwe National Army. This is his story...

Total Onslaught: War and Revolution in Southern Africa (1945-2018) - Paul Moorcraft

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The end of the Second World War may have heralded peace in Europe but conflicts in Southern Africa were about to begin. The imperial powers were weakened by the cost of war and a string of wars challenged colonial rule in countries such as Namibia, Angola and Rhodesia. Once independence was achieved, civil wars between rival factions unfamiliar with democratic...

The Rhodesian Civil War (1966-1979) - John Frame

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One of the most tragic wars in Southern Africa's history, the Rhodesian Civil War, raged for over a decade. Spanning from 1966 to 1979, the seeds for this conflict were sown almost a century earlier when, in 1889, the British South Africa Company was granted a Royal Charter to occupy land north of the Limpopo River. An inevitable clash of...


Everywhere! But at Home – Alf Herbst

R 325.00 R 276.25

Everywhere! But at home: My Story of the Rhodesian Corps of Engineers The stories in this book are about young men fighting a war. It tells how they fought, played, cried and how they made friends for life. Young men from all walks of life that went to war knowing that they could die at any time, but they went...

The Bleed - John R. Cronin

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These memoirs are a 35-year window into the life of someone who patrolled with Marine Recon in the jungles of Vietnam, jumped into action with the Rhodesian Light Infantry's Fire Force, infiltrated guerrilla groups on counterinsurgency operations with the Selous Scouts and later waded through the war in Beirut. It's not just a war story - though there are stories...


We Dared to Win: The SAS in Rhodesia - Hannes Wessels with Andre Scheepers

R 350.00 R 295.00

In his own words Andre Scheepers describes his childhood on a farm, learning about the bush from his African friends, and becoming a soldier. The family had to leave the farm after being ambushed by terrorists. A quiet, introspective deep thinker, Andre started out as a trooper in the Rhodesian Light Infantry commandos and was hectically engaged in Fire-Force combat...

The Forever Boys: The Story of Intake 146 - Steve Lunderstedt

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The Forever Boys: The Story of Rhodesian National Service Intake 146 (June 1975 - March 1977) - Compiled and collated by Steve Lunderstedt. A4, softcover, 152 pages with color and b&w photos and maps. The book is accompanied by The Forever Boys - Pictorial, a 24 page magazine packed with photos. Privately published in 2015. Limited to 120 copies.  

Watch My Tracer - Keith Chisnall

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A third generation Rhodesian tells the story of his upbringing on a farm and his days learning to track and survive in the bush. Later he would use this knowledge in operational conditions during the Rhodesian Civil War. In classic Special Branch style, you will not find an account of a unit called Pachedu in the history books, but it...


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Silver Cross recipient, Mike Borlace is considered to be one of the most experienced combat helicopter pilots of recent times. Now he collates his experiences in this compelling wartime memoir set against the backdrop of the civil war fought in Rhodesia during the 1970s. Helicopters were a vital component of the small Rhodesian Defence Force and as part of special forces,...

Murder in the Zambezi: The Story of the Air Rhodesia Viscounts - Ian Pringle

R 375.00

The crashes of Air Rhodesia Flight RH825 and Air Rhodesia Flight RH827 were two of the deadliest aviation incidents in the history of Zimbabwe—and they weren’t accidents. In this in-depth exploration of a little-known piece of southern African history, Ian Pringle tells a true story of terrorism, sabotage, and survival. Pringle, who lived in Rhodesia at the time of the...

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