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Written by Dawid Lotter, an already successful published writer who was also the commander of Bravo Company 1987. You get an excellent depiction of a year in the life of a mechanised infantry company and its anti-tank platoon during the South African Bush war. From the beginning you see the building of soldiers from all the ranks into a battle ready fighting unit.

When you intersperse Dawid’s writings, with anecdotes and photos of the the other role-players themselves, building up to the climax of their battles fought on the Lomba during Modular.

You get given an unparalleled view from a company commander as well as from individual troops with a window into their thoughts, fears and actions. A more complete collection of photos of a battle company’s year you will struggle to find and if you wore browns you will not be able to help yourself becoming immersed as you relive your own memories through these pictures and story.

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Customer Reviews

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Daphne Merwe
What a story

This has been a captivating read from cover to cover. An excellent account of a year in the army. More to the point, my second year in the army spent on the border and Ops Moduler.

Leom Maree

This is an outstanding, mostly pictorial, account of the life and times of an army company and its members during a critical period of the South African Border War. Under the leadership of Dawid Lotter himself these rightfully proud men of the 61 Mechanised Battalion Group made an exceptional contribution to the overall effort and this book, through its vivid pictorial accounts, reflects just what they all went through and ensures their sacrifices and efforts will never be forgotten. Salute to Dawid Lotter and his Company of fine soldiers!

Andrew McManus

Absolutely outstanding, I was Alpha Company myself, but same time, same place and the detail and memories that flood back by virtue of this epic work - is overwhelming. Salute to Dawid Lotter, a living legend, respected then and respect today. Thank you for this amazing work and all you continue to do.

Sean Hoffman

Hi Major
Firstly I want to acknowledge that I know you retired with a higher rank than Major, but to me you were and always will be our Major. In 1987 you took boys who had been through a training regimen at 1SAI and who, I’m
sure, thought that we were ready for anything until we found out how little we really knew. It was that group of boys that you took, shaped sharpened into a capable and prepared machine for what was to come. You showed us what brotherhood, integrity and camaraderie meant. You brought us together to be of one accord and one mind and of one goal. We might not always have understood you or your plan or the way you drove us to reach our fullest potential, but you,Major, were our leader and commander and we believed in you. After all , you held our lives in your hands and you did not disappoint. You took us into battle and although we sadly lost Brothers, you returned us to our families. Even though we had lost physical contact with each other, what you taught us remained and kept our bond strong, something that not even our families and friends can understand.
Now after all these years you continue to play a part in our lives Major. Reading your poems brought back memories and with the help of today’s technology rekindled that need to trace and make contact with our Brothers. I’ve lived my life by a code that was taught to me, not always succeeding, but always striving to do my best.
With this journal you have once again touched our lives. It’s value can never be measured in currency, but we that were there, understand. You too have paid a price, but never wavered in your love and affection for us, your ‘boys’
Thank you very much Major for your hard work and effort in making this journal possible. It will no doubt have an impact on all that will read it. Take care Major. Salute.


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