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As a young Staff Sergeant in the Recces, Jack Greeff became one of the most decorated soldiers in the SADF. Leading two-man reconnaissance patrols deep into enemy held territories and operating under the noses of the enemy, they collected vital strategic information on enemy movements and installations.  Using the information gathered, he led raiding parties to the targets to execute what were probably the biggest and most daring acts of sabotage in recent military history.

Second Edition (July 31, 2008)  Paperback: 390 pages 

 ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Jack Greeff, born in the Free State town of Vrede, joined the SADF as a boy soldier at the age of 16 and became the youngest member of the Permanent Force to complete the tough Part One Instructor's Course at the Infantry School at Oudtshoorn. After five years service with 5 South African Infantry Battalion, both as an instructor and as a platoon sergeant in the operational area, he passed selection for the Recces and qualified as a combat operator. He served in the Recces for 11 years and was the recipient of the Golden Operator's Badge for 10 or more years as a combat operator in Special Forces. He became one of the most decorated soldiers in the SADF - all awarded for achievements and bravery during special operations. This included a well-deserved Honoris Crux. After rising to the rank of major he resigned to pursue a career as a game ranger. He has since successfully directed anti-poaching operations, firstly in South Africa's world-renowned Kruger National Park and later elsewhere in Africa.  

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