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One of the most significant innovations in modern warfare has been the appearance and development of air power, a technology which demanded technical and financial investment on a whole new scale and which ultimately changed the fundamental nature of war itself.

This book covers the history and development of the German air force from 1935 to 1945, with descriptions and illustrations of almost all of the Luftwaffe's airplanes, including fighters, jet fighters, dive-bombers, ground attackers, medium and heavy bombers, jet bombers, seaplanes, flying boats and carrier planes, transport and gliders, reconnaissance and training aircrafts, helicopters, and many futuristic projects and other rarities.

In addition to focusing on detailed descriptions of the aircrafts themselves, the book also focuses on the Luftwaffe's traditions, strategies, and organization. Topics include: the air force's achievements and failures; uniforms, regalia, and ranks of organization; the airplanes' nomenclature, camouflage, and markings; and the aircrafts' manufacturers, engineers, designers, and flying and ground personnel.

The book also deals with the Luftwaffe's ground units, such as the Luftwaffe Infantry Divisions, the elite HG Division and paratroopers, anti-aircraft artillery, women in service, and auxiliary forces. Black and white line drawings provide visual references to the Luftwaffe's airplanes, uniforms, medals, weapons, and flags.

Author: Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage

Published 2009, 409 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout.  

File size: 21.1 MB

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Du Preez
Aircraft of Luftwaffe 1935 - 1945

The info is very interesting and I do enjoy the contents, but I would have liked some colour images and markings.
But for a free ebook it is great.


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