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This is the concise story of the first ten years of service from 1966 to 1975 of the Buccaneer aircraft of 24 Squadron including all the tragic aircraft losses during this period, the Tip-to-Top race, sinking of the Wafra, Operation RSA-10 and the beginning of the Hanto bomb project.

Col Simon van Garderen (Retired)  Ex Officer Commanding 24 Squadron writes:

"What a privilege it was to be a member of our illustrious Squadron!

“Dulcum et decorum est pro Patria mori,” says the Latin idiom: it is fitting and decorous to die for the Fatherland. We at 24 Squadron rather underwrite the General George Patton Principle — it is far better to make the enemy die for his ideals and his principles! We did just that!  We went through a protracted war without the loss of a single Buccaneer or aircrew member in combat.  That is incredible as all the other squadrons lost aircraft and aircrew.

Why?  Because we were ready when the war came to us; we trained very hard and very well in the old Marine principle of “train hard and fight easy!”  But that is not all, we had the Buccaneer! And we had the Squadron, 24 Squadron!!!"

This is the 2nd part of the story of the Buccaneer S Mk50 in service with 24 Squadron from 1965 to 1991. It forms part of a 4-series set of books spanning from the initial procurement requirements, until the closing of the Squadron and retiring of the SAAF Buccaneers. Each book covering a specific era and life of both the Squadron and the Buccaneers.

Published November 2018. Hardcover, A4, 226 pages, Full Colour

Written by Johan Conradie and members of 24 Squadron.  


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