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Christopher Bean was born into a police family in Yorkshire and joined the West Riding Constabulary as a cadet in 1952. For the next fifteen years or so he continued a career in the police service, in the Royal Corps of Military Police, the West Riding Constabulary, the Nyasaland Police and finally the Bechuanaland Protectorate Police.

This account re-lives his experiences of those years, many of which are difficult to believe in these relatively enlightened days, and which often humorously outline life in Africa some half a century ago.

Although the story starts in the Britain of the 1950's, it leads into a post-war Africa, with independence arriving in most of Africa and illustrating the enormous difference in police work in the UK in those days, and the exciting life of a colonial police officer.

Paperback / 188 pages 30 b/w photos

Published March 2014


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