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Curly's Story - Hugh Gurnell

Curly's Story - Hugh Gurnell

R 375

This book tells the story of the author's three contracts as a mercenary in the 1964-1965 Congo conflict. It is a vivid account of his personal experiences, from his first contract as a raw recruit to his last contract, when he was involved in the formation of the navy on Lake Tanganyika and was the first C.O.

Hugh started writing this memoire 50 years ago, but switched off  to get on with his life. Now, with pressure from the next generation, he'd like to share his experiences, as a memoire to those he served alongside, and their offspring. All events/incidents are factual,  warts and all, and there are still a few out there who will vouch for their veracity. The names used are of the people who were there, describing their exploits as they happened. Hugh has, however, taken the liberty of masking a few names to prevent possible embarrassment to their families. Those who were there will recognise them, understand, and endorse this decision.

Paperback, 354 pages. Published September 2020

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