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The autobiography of Barry Stranack's life, some of which were in the military. He details his life within the Rhodesian Light Infantry before serving as an under age mercenary with 5 Commando in the Congo for 18 months during the 60's. Returning to Rhodesia, he served as a clandestine Operator in the famous Selous Scouts. 

This is a book which will expose just what goes on behind the scenes in the war zone of those in uniform. It contains stories that will challenge you to the core. Stories that contain drama, excitement, action, suspense, frustration, humour, extreme courage, romance and heartache laced with passion. This is a book that will inspire many in their everyday walk.

First published November 2015, softcover, 525 pages.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Suffering from ADHD, Barry as a child, was written off as being stupid and he never completed his matric. Today, he is a healthcare practitioner, specializing as a chiropractor and holds three University degrees. Barry is also a Shihan (master instructor) and holds a 8th Dan in Sankukai karate. He is indeed living proof that you should always get back on your feet and to keep going, to try again and to never give up on life.

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