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Dirty Work: The CIA in Africa

The CIA in Africa is as much about the United States as about Africa. Today the Continent is vital to the West economically - oil for the US from Libya and Nigeria, uranium for Britain from Namibia, huge American and EEC investments in South Africa, Kenya and elsewhere Few people realize how interested Western intelligence agencies are in Africa. Dirty Work gives the answer. It presents up to-date, comprehensive and new information about what the CIA and other Western agencies have actually done in Africa.

Espionage, of course. But they have also staged coups (Ghana), participated in or planned assassinations {Cabral, Lumumba, Mondlane); shored up corrupt and bloody dictators (like Amin in Uganda and Mobutu of Zaire); recruited mercenaries (for Angola and Zimbabwe); manipulated trade unions (out of Addis Ababa); used academics; planted bogus stories in reputable Western newspapers; and collaborated with South Africa over arms supplies, the invasion of Angola, and the development of Nuclear weapons. Sober fact finding, accidental leaks of information, and the inside knowledge of former CIA agents are the raw material for this astounding volume. Special contributions deal specifically also with the role of the British, French, Portuguese, and South Africa secret services.

Seven articles are here translated from French for the first time, one from Portuguese, and one from German. Of the 25 other pieces, 15 have been written specially for this volume. Also included is a Who's Who naming names with detailed biographies of more than 700 undercover CIA employees recently or still stationed in Africa. This book raises fundamental questions: By what right do Western governments secretly manipulate, and even control outright, certain regimes in Africa? Are there no limits to the immorality of method used by official representatives of the Western democratic powers? How far is Africa unstable precisely because of this interference by Western powers rather than for internal reasons?

Editor: Ellen Ray

273 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout. 




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