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Intelligence and electronic warfare (IEW) support is critical to the success of the divisional brigades and battalions conduct of close operations. Commanders at these tactical echelons require accurate intelligence to plan the battle and timely combat information to win it. Counterintelligence (CI) support to battlefield deception and operations security (OPSEC) ensures the critical element of surprise and helps sustain the effective combat power of tactical forces. Electronic warfare (EW) provides combat information and targeting data for both manoeuvre and fire support units, protects friendly command, control, and communications systems, and augments manoeuvre and fires to suppress, neutralize, and destroy enemy facilities.

This Field Manual is intended primarily for use by the intelligence staff officer (S2) and his section at the manoeuvre battalion and brigade levels. It describes the IEW tasks for which the S2 has responsibility and how the S2 operations are integrated into the command and staff pro- cess at the battalion and brigade levels. This manual may also be used by commanders, other staff officers, and military intelligence personnel within the division to gain a better understanding of the IEW system and IEW tasks applicable to brigade and battalion operations. 

Author: Department of the Army, USA - April 1986

325 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout. 



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