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This work covers all operations of the Border War in which the South African gunners took part, starting in early 1975 when a young second lieutenant was seconded to train UNITA troops in Angola on US 4.2-inch mortars - through Operation Savannah, the first operation, to the last rounds that were fired in June 1988 against the Cuban 80th Division in southern Angola.

During this period, the artillery grew from an under-strength troop of 17 men and two medium guns to an artillery brigade supporting a mechanized division. It is a story of heroism, of fear, of well-planned, successful operations and of losses to own forces by ill-timed and inaccurate fire.

It tells the story of the 8,500 South African gunners who took part in operations during that time. Personal accounts are merged with historical fact organized in chronological order, highlighting the shortage of modern equipment and the efforts to combat a well-equipped, numerically superior enemy through innovation, application of the principles of war and sheer pluckiness.


Published 2010


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