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From SAS to Blood Diamond Wars - Hamish Ross

From SAS to Blood Diamond Wars - Hamish Ross

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From SAS To Blood Diamond Wars is the story of Fred Marafono an outstanding warrior, even by SAS standards.

On the point of being demobbed from the SAS, Fred Marafono was recruited by David Stirling for his private security company. After Stirling's death, Fred found himself in the midst of Sierra Leone's Blood Diamond wars, and formed an unbreakable bonding with the country's champion of democracy, Chief Hinga Norman, whose leadership and tragic death are integral to the story.

Fred Marafono was recruited by Simon Mann for the finest of all private military companies in Africa, Executive Outcomes. Fewer than two hundred of them defeated the rebels in their strongholds. Through political weakness, Executive Outcomes were made to leave the country, and chaos ensued. Committed men like Hinga Norman and British High Commissioner Peter Penfold saw that, in the absence of military commitment from the west, only highly professional former soldiers could spearhead the fight to restore democracy. Three of these veterans kept a vital air bridge open. 

Fred's final action was supporting the SAS in their brilliant hostage release, Operation Barras.

Hardback, 237 pages

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