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For the first time ever ­ we reveal previously censored military footage which unashamedly tells the story of the true events of South Africa's Bush War. This series packs a powerful punch providing an intimate, sometimes shocking, yet balanced glimpse of an important era in Africa's history.

GRENSOORLOG / BUSH WAR constitutes a literal unburdening for those whose voices have been silenced for so long. The viewer is taken on a journey that moves through a bloody November 1975 (Angolan Independence) and culminates with clashes at Cuito Cuanavale (1988). GRENSOORLOG / BUSH WAR offers new perspectives on the Bush War through paradigms of diplomatic and military history and cultural studies.

Those interviewed have challenged the boundaries, broken the silences and even tackled some of the taboos about the war. GRENSOORLOG / BUSH WAR firmly places the issues of TRUTH & RECONCILIATION back onto the Southern African political agenda and at the centre of popular imagination.

The series consists of a 2 volume 4 disc set.

Available in Afrikaans as GRENSOORLOG and BUSH WAR  in English. At checkout please indicate which language DVD set you wish to receive.

Customer Reviews

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Baie vinnige goeie diens. Baie tevrede met die DVD's.

Bush War (Complete DVD Set - 26 Episodes)

Excellent DVD set! Gave us a good insight as to the happenings up there.

Excellent service!

I had trouble finding the box set of “Grensoorlig” dvds but very glad that Bush War Books still had in stock. After ordering, I was kept updated about the progress of my order and delivery took place very speedily.

Delivered on time in full

My DVD arrived undamaged/ in good order, although for its intercontinental journey to Switzerland I expected Bush War Books to use more/ better robust/ secure packaging (i.e. eliminate all risk of damage in transit).
Secondly, the SA Post Office tracking number (shipping method selected by me: Tracked Airmail) provided by Bush War Books unfortunately did not work beyond informing me that the package had reached a postal sorting hub in Durban.
Anyway, all's well that ends well!

Reviewing the Bush War DVD Set

A well balanced series insofar as it represented the viewpoints - some of them quite thought provoking - of the very many different role-layers and parties involved in the protracted conflict, placing the emphasis more on the human experience than on the purely military. Some of the audio-visual material was superb. Despite the grainy and under-exposed visuals, the quality of which sometimes added rather than distracted from their somber message, it remains a DVD-set well worth having.