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The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) was a war fought in a remote corner of the British Empire. This conflict in southern Africa, however, represented a watershed in military medicine, and the way armies take care of their soldiers in war. This extensive work covers all military medical aspects of the conflict: from the influence of Red Cross societies, foreign aid from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, the United States of America and the Netherlands to the clinical aspects of military medical care. Healers, helpers and hospitals contributes to our canon on this war which continues to intrigue readers and historians from all over the world. Emeritus Professor J.C. (Kay) de Villiers held the Helen and Morris Mauerberger Chair of Neurosurgery at the University of Cape Town. He studied at the University Cape Town, and commenced his training as a neurosurgeon in London. As recipient of a Hartford Fellowship, he spent a year in the Neurosurgical Laboratories at the Pennsylvania Hospital. Specialist studies in Zurich, Paris and Utrecht followed. He was elected as a member to a number of European and American Neurosurgical Societies and was a visiting professor to several academic departments in South Africa and abroad.

Paperback, 1120 pages