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An innocent video from the war in Afghanistan triggered an event in the US Marine Corps that would change the life of the Marines shown on YouTube. The new book Into Infamy is Staff Sergeant Joe Chamblin's account of the men and Marines behind the video and what they accomplished in the War on Terror.

Remembered for the video, for the first time anywhere Staff Sergeant Chamblin tells his story of the brave young men who've been so vilified by the media and their superiors when they should have been honored for the trail blazing work they performed as Marine Snipers in combat.

They were so effective as snipers, introducing new tactics to the battlefield and killing nearly three hundred enemy combatants that the Commandant of the Marine Corps held a private breakfast for Chamblin's teams, along with the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.

Read their story and how everyone suddenly forgot their accomplishments when a seconds long video appeared on YouTube. These men are victims of, yes, a their own 17 second lapse in judgment ... but more importantly the political correctness that is destroying America.

121 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout.  


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