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Operation Orchard was an alleged risky airstrike conducted by Israel on a suspected nuclear reactor site in Syria (Deir ez-Zor region) on September 6, 2007 a little after midnight. For 7 months, both the U.S and Israeli governments imposed blackouts on all new reports about the raid.

Subsequently, the Central Intelligence Unit (CIA), and the White House confirmed that American intelligence had confirmed that the raided site was a military purposed nuclear facility. Syria denied those claims.

In 2009, an investigation conducted by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) reported traces of graphite and uranium and concluded that the raided site had features resembling an undeclared nuclear reactor.

However, IAEA could not confirm or deny the findings because Syria had refused to provide IAFA investigators the co-operation they needed to take their investigations to a conclusive end. On April 2011, almost four years after the raid, IAEA officially confirmed that the bombed site was indeed a nuclear reactor.

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