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They’re psychopaths, violent offenders, drug addicts, sexual deviants and social misfits. And these are the good guys. In the notorious military camp known as The Vault, they are considered unfit to wear the South African Defence Force uniform. As part of a brutal rehabilitation programme they become the experimental toys of a rogue psychiatrist. 

Into this macabre world conscript Lloyd Norton wanders innocently due to a clerical error. He will never be the same again. 

The novel, based on the real apartheid-era camp Greefswald, not only rips open an all but forgotten chapter in a chilling history, but also tells a gripping rites-of-passage story.

About the Author:

Gordon Torr is a former SABC journalist, mission school teacher and advertising copywriter. He curated the voter education campaign that preceded South Africa’s first democratic election. His advertising career took him from Johannesburg to Mexico City and finally to London, where he was appointed Global Creative Director of JWT, the multinational advertising agency. He is the author of Managing Creative People and lives in the UK with his wife and three children.

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