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A damning account of how the United States government abandoned American prisoners of war in Vietnam—and the cover-up that continues to this day.
It is a story often seen in movies and tv shows—POW's from the Vietnam war left behind to suffer in enemy hands, only to be later rescued through courage, loyalty and all-American military might. But that is pure fiction—and far from the brutal, rarely-told true story.
In this groundbreaking expose, the authors provide startling evidence that American troops were left in captivity in Indochina, victims of their government’s abuse of secrecy and power. The authors not only delve into the world of official obstruction, missing files, censored testimony, and the pressures brought to bear on witnesses ready to tell the truth—but also reveal the trauma on patriotic families torn apart by a policy that, at first, seemed unbelievable to them.
First published in 1990, Kiss the Boys Goodbye has become a classic text on the subject. This new edition features an afterword, which fills in the news on the latest verifiable scandal produced by the Senate Select Committee on POW's.

Author: William Stevenson, published 2014

425 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout. 


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