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A German orphan is adopted by Afrikaner Nationalists. After years of refuge and hardship in a war beaten Germany he becomes Afrikaans, plays rugby and excels in science with two doctorates. He becomes the respected founder and head of the forensic laboratory of the SAP, but has to defend his reputation after an allegation that he supplied poison to kill an anti apartheid activist. A biography by author and academic Annette Jordaan, who discovered after several years that Lothar Neethling was not her biological brother.

Softcover, 194 pages

General Lothar Paul Neethling, was born in East Prussia on 29 August 1935. He rose to the rank of chief deputy commissioner (second-in-command) of the South African Police. Neethling gained two doctorates in chemistry, one of which was from the University of California. He was a prominent member of the Afrikaans Academy of Arts and Science, which awarded him its gold medal. More widely, he was regarded as a brilliant scientist and was honoured by a number of international scientific organisations as well as receiving a medal from the government of Taiwan. He died of lung cancer in Pretoria, aged 69 on 11 July 2005.

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