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A story of war and peace in Mozambique and beyond, Memories at Low Altitude spans four decades of southern African history, from the point of view of one of its main protagonists. Jacinto Veloso participated in the Mozambican liberation struggle and served in Samora Machel’s cabinet after independence, when the region was dominated by civil war and the conflict between East and West.

He describes the effects of the conflict between FRELIMO and the South African-backed RENAMO, and he takes the reader into the negotiation process that resulted in the Non-Aggression and Good Neighbourliness Accord with South Africa, better known as the Nkomati Accord. He also covers the negotiations that contributed to Namibian independence, the withdrawal of Cuban and South African troops from Angola, as well as peace in Mozambique. General Veloso provides fascinating insights because of his closeness to the history that he describes.

Paperback, 254 pages. Published May 2012