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MOTORING MEMORIES OF THE BRITISH SOUTH AFRICA POLICE - Written & compiled by Barry Woan & Peter Huson

This book starts with a history of the British South Africa Police (BSAP) Motor Car Club, which would never have existed if it had not been for the enthusiasm of the then Commissioner, Basil Spurling.  It was a success during its short life and by 1963 was organising an international rally.

One of the Car Club’s founder members became a rally driver of international repute and won a sponsored drive in the Monte Carlo Rally.  Other members competed successfully in local and national rallies and also in motor racing events in Bulawayo and Salisbury. 

We have identified as many members as we could of both the Salisbury and the Bulawayo clubs together with all the photographs we could locate. From editions of the Outpost we gleaned stories not only of the car club and its activities but also of other motoring matters relating to the Force.

From these and former members’ contributions, plus over 350 photographs, we have put together a collection of stories, all of which have a common thread running through them – a vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine.   

New material includes many previously unpublished photographs, coverage of Police displays, the “Queen Mary” mobile canteens, a selection of vehicle advertisements from The Outpost, a look at the time when BSAP members were also Firemen and also a write-up on the BSAP Reserve Reconnaissance Unit, a body of men whose esprit-de-corps was second to none, and their Marmon-Herrington armoured cars.

Second Edition, published February 2017, paperback, 350 pages.   



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