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In this book, Notorious Secret Societies, you'll find everything you want and need to know!

Things aren't always what they seem to be. Looks can be deceiving and just because you don't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Take for example the air we breathe. If seeing is believing, then it means oxygen, as we know it, doesn't exist. But it does exist and the fact that we're alive is living proof of such.

Or how about carbon monoxide? It's not something that we can see but many people all over the world are killed by it. Because they don't see it, they unknowingly breathe it and fall victim to its poisonous power.

Secrecy can be a lethal weapon!

And so it is with the worlds' most notorious secret societies. Their power and ability to do what they want is highly contingent on being able to keep their supposed secret agendas secret. The day they're purported sinister agendas get exposed is the day they fail to achieve their grand agendas. That's why more than ever, it's important to know who these secret societies are and the reason why they're very controversial.

In this book, you'll discover secrets from some of the world's most notorious secret societies. 

  • The Free and Accepted Masons (Freemasons)

  • The Order of the Illuminati, The Knights Templar

  • The Bilderberg Group

  • The Order of the Skulls and Bones

  • The Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

  • The Church of Scientology

Author: James S. Pollack, published 2017

75 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout. 


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