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Isaac Mashaba’s book is a frank and honest appraisal of much of what has gone wrong in Africa, and in particular with South Africa. His understanding of the current toxic political environment and its impact on South Africa, sheds a light on much of the country and the prevailing political and social dynamics, and indeed the continent’s challenges and problems.

Whereas he addresses and discusses many burning issues within the current political and social landscape, he also argues that the clock of chaos and dysfunctionality can be turned back, or stopped and reset. He contends that voter anger, apathy, despair, and anti-government sentiments are the result of a neglect of governance and its subsequent effect on democracy.

Mashaba argues that South Africa, and indeed Africa, needs to redirect the current national and political trajectories if there is to be progress. As a continent that bears its own scars, he urges a move away from living in the past, and argues that if the process of continual blame and mudslinging is not redirected and accountability taken for the current situation, the future will forever remain bleak and dark. His thoughts on intervention and rectification require urgent consideration and investigation.

South Africa, and Africa, require dedicated politicians who refrain from preaching populism, and serve the people instead of serving themselves.

This welcome book shines a bright light in South Africa’s growing darkness.

Paperback, 212 pages


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