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Espionage isn’t just limited to the fictional world of James Bond, or even the more real worlds of MI5 or the Pentagon. From looking at the earliest known stories of private spying, in the silk and pottery industries of old, to the stories of individual spies in modern industries, such as arms and even pharmaceutical companies, Payne shows that far from morally bankrupt, many private spies “enter” the business often for more complicated, human and tangible reasons.

Even if, of course, their actions are downright unethical, immoral or of course, illegal. And the consequences they wreak are often just as harmful as any leaked state secrets. Sometimes, they even overlap on an international scale. But how do you stop such spies who rarely answer to any higher authority? How can you prevent spies stealing patents and ideas, without enacting Orwellian levels of security?

Through his stories, Payne debates these points and more as he unveils a world murkier than any kind of James Bond story could imagine - men and women who sell and buy company secrets.

198 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout. 


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