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A quarter of a century since the award of the last honours and decorations of the southern African country of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), this is your chance to own the definitive roll of medal recipients. Rhodesia Medal Roll is the first book to list all gazetted recipients of Rhodesian honours and decorations from their inception in 1970. It even includes over 1,700 previously unpublished awards made between September 1979 and the abolition of the Rhodesian honours system in October 1981.

Authoritative: the product of two years' research in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Comprehensive: listing over 12,000 separate awards, including awards to foreign nationals and former members of the Rhodesian security forces

Accessible: fully indexed by surname with a separate chapter for each award, Rhodesia Medal Roll's large type, spacious layout and generous size (over 6" by 9") make it a pleasure to use-whether researching medals or family history, or simply browsing.

Awards are presented in date order, and a full alphabetical index means that it is simple to cross-check awards and confirm entitlements.

A definitive record of the award of Rhodesian honours and decorations, and an indispensable companion for enthusiasts of genealogy, medals or military history of southern Africa.

Paperback, 312 pages

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