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The dreams for which young heroes died

How cheap they seem today –

Except to those who loved so much

And watched them march away

We live because they died, and yet

They live if we do not forget

The intention of this publication is to honour all who lost their lives in action, or while on active service, with the Rhodesian Security Forces during the period 1966–1981. This publication represents the single most comprehensive Rhodesian Combined Forces Roll of Honour covering the so-called Bush War.

Many people have researched the casualties of the Rhodesian Bush War and it is highly unlikely that a single researcher will ever compile a definitive list of all those who perished. Dr J.R.T. Wood produced the first ‘most comprehensive’ Roll of Honour of the Rhodesian Combined Forces while many others, including Gerry van Tonder and Adrian Haggett, have used his roll as a base for expansion, correction and addition.

It is, therefore, thanks to Dr Wood’s original work that the Roll of Honour has been improved to this point.

Paperback, 160 pages. Published May 2012