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Rhodesian Forces One (71 minutes)           

  •  Pamwe Chete - The story of what it took to be a Selous Scout, with introduction and commentary from Lt. Col.Ron Reid-Daly 

  •  Mkushi / Westland Report - the famous 'Green Leader' external raid into Zambia 

  • The Saints - the Rhodesian Light Infantry 1974

  • Chimoio Report - the external operation into Mozambique 

  • Chaplain to the Forces - the Rhodesian Corps of Chaplains with the Rev. Norman Wood             

Rhodesian Forces Two (76 minutes) 

  • They Who Dare -  C Squadron, 22 SAS in Rhodesia 

  • Mapai Report - The external operation into Mozambique 

  • A Pride of Eagles - On Exercise Vanguard, with  the Rhodesian Air Force 

  • Black Boots - the BSAP Support Unit 

  • A War on Words - a public awareness film about the dangers of 'loose talk'             


Customer Reviews

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Rhodesian Forces: Volumes 1

Very good DVD, interesting mix of material from all services. Well worth a look. Many thanks to bush war books for a great service.

Rhoesian Forces Volumes 1 and 2 (dvd)

I expected more. More info on what happened there, number one was interesting but number two was boring.