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Riding The Edge - Dave Barr

Riding The Edge - Dave Barr

R 400

The 502 page softcover book (60 black & white photos, maps throughout the book) about Dave Barr's 83,000 mile motorcycle journey around the world. It took Dave and his Harley-Davidson a grueling 3 and a half years to complete the trip and it certainly makes for one incredible read! A must have for anyone who loves to ride.

About Dave Barr - In 1969, at age 17, Dave began his military career with the U.S. Marine Corps, receiving 57 air medals while serving on a helicopter gunship in Vietnam. He left the Marines in 1972, but felt the need to seek adventure and another cause. He chose to support peace and stability first in Israel, later in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia and finally in South Africa. Following a fateful landmine explosion in 1981 whilst with the SADF's 44th Parachute Brigade, Dave sustained life threatening injuries that ultimately resulted in the amputation of both of his legs. After a lengthy rehabilitative period, he returned to active duty completing his military enlistment. Upon returning to the United States, he was reunited with his family and his 10-year-old Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Inspired after his first ride since the explosion, Dave decided to travel around the world on his Harley. It was his hope that he would encourage others to overcome their obstacles and make their own dreams a reality. The Dave Barr Foundation was established to support charitable organizations, both in the U.S. and overseas, that are dedicated to improving the lives of the disabled.

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