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SELL OUT!! was first published in Afrikaans under the Title VOLKSVERRAAD. The book exploded on the market and caused a stir among the South African politicians. The first edition was sold out within a month. The reason for the success of this book is that for the first time the White South Africans heard the truth about how they had been manipulated and brainwashed into giving their country to black Communist rulers. The handing over of the government to black rule had been carefully planned over many decades with the help of traitors among the Afrikaners. These traitors had been working hard behind the scenes, telling their people one thing, but doing and planning quite another.

In this shocking book advocate PJ Pretorius unmasks them all, call them by their names and tell of their crimes against the unsuspecting Afrikaner nation.   He names their accomplices among the CIA as well as those in the NIS of South Africa. He leaves no stone unturned to get at the damning truth.

Author: Adv PJ Pretorius (former National Intelligence Agent)

200 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout. The file size exceeds 50MB and a reliable & stable internet connection is required to download it. This is a scanned image of the printed book. 



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