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Shred When Read - Michael Bowery

Shred When Read - Michael Bowery

R 300

This work is a serious, non-fictional autobiography, which inter alia is an expose of the times and personalities involved during the thirty years the author spent in covert operations with the Nationalist Party government of South Africa from 1966. The author's targets during this period included Soviet and Cuban political and military activity in Southern Africa and those of the African Liberation Movements. Thereafter, in 1996, when approached by his old enemy he agreed to work for the now democratically elected ANC government. For both governments he ran operations in South Africa and African countries to its north, as well as from Europe, the Indian Ocean regions of the Pacific Rim and the People's Republic of China.

This is the story of a man who throughout his working life was in turn British soldier, London policeman, British colonial police officer, South African police detective, South African intelligence officer and spymaster: always living on the razor's edge of high risk, danger, success or disaster in thirty years of covert operations - in retrospect for the wrong side.

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