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Sold Out

John Dovey did his National Service in the SADF in 1985-1986. He has served since then in three Citizen Force Regiments, and is still serving.

This compilation of poems is his attempt to preserve some of the thoughts and feelings of the soldiers who were in the SADF during the "Border War" period.

The poems in this compilation are mostly from that period. There are a few poems from Cubans and one from a British soldier, that fit into the theme of the compilation. Some are in English, some in Afrikaans and there is even one in Spanish.

The poems are all heart-felt ones that reflect the mood and emotion of the times. There are a surprising number that deal with loneliness and fear, which two things any soldier will know are constant companions.

This book is above all about the commonality of experience that all soldiers share, and about the human face of the individuals of which an "army" is comprised.

Paperback, 59 pages. Published November 2006


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