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Originally written as an information paper by members of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Operations Forces Group Alpha, proudly known as the “Desert Eagles,” CALL Handbook 07-6 provides a strategy for conducting counterinsurgency in southern Afghanistan. Observations, insights, and lessons; best practices; and tactics, techniques, and procedures compiled by these combat veterans over four deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom form the basis for this publication.

This handbook is tailored for commanders and staffs of combined-arms formations, but contains lessons pertinent to commanders and staffs of civil affairs, engineer, and combat support units as well. Of particular note is the balance of nonlethal and lethal operations integrated into a single, seamless operation. Like the sergeant first class of 1/3, commanders at all levels need to determine the defeat framework they will use against the enemy and ensure that all actions, from Soldier to commander, support that framework. This handbook is an example of how to do that in actual operations.

Author: Center for Army Lessons Learned, published 2006

75 Pages, PDF format. Download link will be immediately available after checkout. 

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