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Spirit of a Sniper - Bill Russell

Spirit of a Sniper - Bill Russell

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Cassino, Italy 1944. The Allied 8th and American 5th Armies were engaged in a fanatically contested advance, opposed by elite units of the German Army. In the forefront of the allied advance was a Regiment of South African Volunteers, survivors of the North African campaign, and sniper, Peter 'Isinkwe' McTavish. Protected by the spirit of his childhood mentor the wise old Zulu warrior Mashona, who 'named' him. McTavish was proving so successful that the opposing German officers, who were his targets, hated and feared this 'invisible' enemy.

Based on real life events, this action packed story of courage and love will exhaust your every emotion and hold you in an unrelenting grip until you turn the last page.

About the Author: Sergeant Major Bill Russell, Rtd. was born in Swaziland and educated at Durban, joined an illustrious South African Infantry Regiment, which fought its first battle at Cassino, in Italy. Trained in Egypt as a sniper, he was familiar with the blast of seeking mortars and the death-defying rattle of MG 42 Machine guns. He was twice wounded and eventually discharged from the Army after seven months in hospital.

After the war he farmed in Northern Rhodesia, served as an honorary game ranger, prominent conservationist and a member of the Police Reserve. He retired from the South African Army as Regimental Sergeant Major.

Paperback, 213 pages

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