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Sold Out

This is Charlie Warren's account of his service in the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI) from 1974 -1980. You will be swept into a vacarious experience of the daily life of a member of this highly effective, elite unit that was involved in most of the hottest action during the Rhodesian war. Charlie relates tales, using the language and slang from that time, during his service with 3 Commando (The Lovers), RLI in their Fire Force role as well as of his (reluctant) qualification as a parachutist at 1 Parachute Battalion (SADF) and his further qualification as a despatcher. His stories of barracks life are interesting but he speaks extensively the stories of combat and operations. He takes you along with him in the K-Car helicopter gunship, and into contact on the ground. You feel the exhaustion and frustration of combat, the regret and sadness at the loss of comrades. As you share his experiences you will understand his conflicted feelings about his decision not to permit the execution of Robert Mugabe during the time of transition.

An excellent narrative from a Team Leader/Squad Leader level soldier, someone who has been there in one of the most active units in the Rhodesian war, where it was common to have as many as 2-3 call-outs / contacts a day. A recipient of the Bronze Cross of Rhodesia (BCR).

Revised Edition: 2012. (First Published in 2007)

Softcover, 292 pages with photos.