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This is a refreshing and descriptive autobiography - a tale well told of a Rhodesian (although born in Scotland, came with his parents to Southern Rhodesia at the age of two) of life in rural Rhodesia from the beginning of the 1930's, early childhood and schooling (reminiscent of "Tom Brown's Schooldays") - young Ian Bryson, known hereafter as "Brick", appeared to have been a very adventurous young lad with his share of juvenile problems. 

He was still at school when the Second War War broke out, but at the age of seventeen he volunteered for the Royal Navy and was called just after he turned eighteen. His life on board ship and the many incidents and actions in the far eastern waters against the Japanese are very well portrayed.  

Returning from the war, Brick commenced a forestry/farming career, which in those days meant a hard outdoor life with few creature comforts, yet his description of life in the bush is very light hearted and full of amusing anecdotes. The terrorist incursions which commenced in 1963/4 came initially from the north (Zambia) and men such as Brick, who were members of the Police Field Reserve were in the frontline of operations against infiltrations.  

Brick's capabilities in anti-terrorist operations quickly brought recognition from the authorities and he was appointed senior instructor to Police Anti-Terrorist Units. He completed twenty-two years service.

Softcover, 237 pages text with numerous photographs, maps and other supporting data

Second Edition.