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Historical lineage from 1898 through the Rhodesian Bush War with personal experiences of life in the Unit. The horrors of war, pain, fear, sadness, success, honor and relief.

Perfect for the coffee table immersed with never seen before photographs in black and white as well as color and guaranteed to get your guests talking as well as the stories flowing about the Rhodesian Bush War, personal experiences about the horrors of the war.

"The Black Boots" is a must for any Rhodesian or History fanatic! This has truly been a Book as TOLD BY THE MEN. There is no author as such and most of the contributions have come from former members of the Support Unit.

Hardcover, A4, 533 pages 

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic read!

Not a day goes by without me opening it up and reading the various experiences. A must for Historians and of course former members. I am sure there will be a second run. Once again well done to you Barry and the whole team.
BRIAN Perkins Former BSAP SB

The Book will be a proud addition to my Rhodesiana collection

A Belated but quick(before the lights go out again) and very sincere thank you for my Book. It is splendid and certainly reflects an absolute labour of love. My dad would have loved it. It brought back many memories, thoughts and names I have not heard or thought of in 40 years ! I am in awe of all your contributors memories. Those were certainly the days and I don’t think ------- despite the war and its effects ---- we could have asked for a better country
I am still going through all his papers---- his hand writing is not easy to decipher and my admiration for his secretaries knows no bounds---but I know because he repeatedly told me, that he was incredibly proud of all the members of the Security Forces, but the BSAP held that special place in his heart.
Thank you again.

Well done guys!

Well done to all involved. A fitting tribute to a great Unit and all those brothers who died. A tale of brave men who went the extra mile for their Country against all odds. Very well put together and of high quality. The best publication on the BSAP’s role in the Bush war ever. Well done guys.

Lasting memories

Thank you for this high quality publication. It was quite an emotional experience relating to the photographs and stories. For me the real meaning of the Book took a few forms . Not only was the effort of the wonderful team that must have spent so much loving time and effort on this endeavour, but it also brought closure on a number of fronts after so many years. It acknowledges our pride, lasting memories of those who paid the supreme price and in a way records the professionalism and comradery of this high effective Unit. We have a lot to be proud of and now it is on record NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN. When I left the Unit, the day that Mugabe took the running of the Country, there was no parade, there was no Thank You nor was there a de programming initiative to help with the transition into civvy life. Consequently the misfit in me ran riot for many years only to be tamed with age and wisdom. For a long time I felt cheated in that 30 months of fighting for a cause, fear, life threatening situations, physical strain and a ton of fun could simply dissipate into nothing. This Book goes a long way in correcting that problem. It just feels good to have these memories honoured in this form. My heartfelt thank you to all who made this possible.


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