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Inspired stories of leadership and survival in the harshest of environments – bush warfare!

An easy-going yet highly motivating guide to the transformation of your leadership abilities. The author takes you through a series of events, based on his experiences in the Special Forces... some of them hilarious, others tragic, but each gives an insight into the all-round development of a successful leader.

This is one such example of a journey, by someone who has done it!


Ian Scott was educated in Zimbabwe and the University of Natal before joining the military in 1975. Commissioned initially into the RLI parachute battalion, he then went on to serve as a Captain in the elite Selous Scouts. Moving to South Africa, Scott was appointed as Adjutant of a Special Forces Recce Battalion. In 1983, he was recruited by a large international firm of Employee Benefits Consultants, where he ultimately served as a National Director until his move in 1999 to form his own leadership consultancy. Operational in a number of countries Scott gained invaluable insight into the leadership and motivation of soldiers of all races, earning the respect and trust of those in various Special Forces units.

Second edition, 2015  

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