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Think of everything that you know or thought you knew about the 1987 South African Airways Flight 295 accident, and ask yourselves whether or not you are 100% sure that the information that has for years been propagated as being fact, is not perhaps fiction. ​

With the help of experts, one of them being a former investigator of this very tragic accident, this book will bring you an alternative insight into what may have occurred on-board flight 295 that night as well as during the subsequent investigations over the past 29 years.

From hoax cockpit voice recorder transcripts to the use of incorrect copies of the CVR during the investigation. The misinterpretation of parts of these same transcripts have led to the support of many of the current theories, along with various statements that have been used to embellish some of those theories, including a 'secret' conversation on a missing tape, and the lack of consensus as to what illegal substance, if anything, the aircraft was carrying that night.

This book will show an altogether different proposition to the theory that this accident was a case of 'state sanctioned murder', a term used by one family member and supported by others. It will also show that what has constantly been hailed as fact, may just be fiction.

First Published: November 2016. Softcover, 336 pages.