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The “Jungle Fighter” is a refreshing, revealing portrait of the life of PETER EKANDJO. It traces his history, from a village boy and battle tested fighter to a lone clandestine operative inside Namibia. It is a refreshing autobiography of a gallant people’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) fighter, who spent seven years operating inside Namibia. Five years were spent engaging the colonial security forces in various battles, while two years were spent on clandestine assignments in Windhoek, Walvisbay, Luderitz, Grootfontein, Oshakati, Ondangwa, and other places across the northern part of Namibia.

The book also provides an insight on how Peter Ekandjo ended up in enemy hands on the 1st May 1986 after his former comrade had betrayed him. He was arrested whilst on his way to Walvisbay on a clandestine mission. Further, the book attempts to detail how he planned his miraculous escape  under life-threatening circumstances when he was wounded by enemy fire during his audacious escape from an enemy cell in Oshakati on the midnight of 30 October 1986. 

The book recounts attempts by enemy forces to either re-arrest or kill him after his escape. The enemy forces launched manhunt operations, of foot soldiers backed by aeroplanes, to either re-capture or kill him. During the operations, aeroplanes dropped leaflets with Ekandjo’s Photos, urging the public to give information that would lead to his re-capture or elimination. The enemy forces offered R280 000.00 for information leading to his re-capture and R170 000.00 for getting him killed. 

The book is a thrilling narration of a man who went through untold humiliations at the hand of the colonial troops and traces a torturous experience and his undoubted strength and courage under extreme pressure – a testimony of a spirit of never surrender. You are encouraged to read this book as part of the history of the armed liberation struggle against the colonial apartheid regime of South Africa in Namibia by the people of Namibia under the leadership of SWAPO of Namibia. 

Peter Ekandjo holds a Masters In Business Management (Masstricht School of Management, The Netherlands); Bachelor of Business Management (University of South Africa; National Diploma in Commerce (Polytechnic of Namibia); Diploma in Political Science (Rostock Institute of Political Science in the Former East Germany) and numerous Certificates in diverse fields of studies. 



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