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The Nemesis File - The True Story of an SAS Execution Squad

The Nemesis File - The True Story of an SAS Execution Squad

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Paul Bruce was a tough, idealistic young trooper in the SAS when he was despatched to Northern Ireland. His top-secret mission: to execute unarmed IRA suspects in cold blood.

His story, told with chilling candour, gives an astonishing insight into the role of the SAS in the bitter conflict of Northern Ireland. It is also a devastating indictment of British government policy in the Province.

Bruce and three SAS comrades shot down one terrified victim after another, leaving their bodies to be buried in deep, unmarked woodland graves.

The soldiers grew their hair long, wore civilian clothes and drove ordinary-looking cars. But they always carried pistols and sub-machine guns. They worked to the direct command of the Intelligence Services based at 39th Infantry Headquarters in Lisburn.

Their task: to destabilise the IRA. Their orders: to kill. Their secret code sign: NEMESIS.

Britain's frustrated military leaders next ordered Bruce and his squad to foment sectarian violence by shooting down young men on the streets of Roman Catholic areas.

In this historic, deeply disturbing book the author describes many of his victims and produces maps to show where bodies lie secretly buried.

This is not simply a breathtaking story of Special Forces soldiering, of treachery and betrayal at the highest level, but a chronicle of the mental breakdown of crack SAS troops ordered to carry out the dirtiest job in a secret war.

It is also the tale of the extraordinary inner struggle of one man, a man devoted to the SAS and its fine principles of professionalism and obedience. A man who finally found the moral courage to rebel.

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