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South Africa was under serious terrorist attacks during the 1980's. Those attacks were mainly committed by Communists and the ANC. The South African Police as the main law enforcement agency had the task of maintaining law and order in an atmosphere, where the opposing sides only paid lip service to the international accepted protocols and conventions. Queensbury rules had been thrown over board and nobody knew where the next mine, grenade, bomb or bullet would be delivered. After 1994, the so-called first democratic election which brought Nelson Mandela to power, the former terrorists became heroes and those who's duty it was to serve and protect the villains.

It is against this background that the author, who is known for his expertise and objectivity endeavors, in a concise manner, to put into perspective the other side of the story.

The purpose is not to justify either the means or the ends, but rather for the thinking people in society to judge for themselves.

Paperback, 198 pages. Published 1997

***Contains graphic images - for mature readers only***

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