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A little-known fact of the Rhodesian War was the use of a Rhodesian Air Force DC3 as a flying command and communications post. This book offers a rare insight to the personnel and workings of this remarkable aircraft.

Paperback, 141 pages. First published October 2016.

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the rhodesian command dakota


A good read.

Rhodesian Command Dakota
Author Laurence "Flo" Hill is unique. He undoubtedly was one of the best Comcen Operators in the Rhodesian Air Force, resulting in him doing many deployments on the Command Dakota. These sorties were unique for Flo as well, flying many hours in the Command Dak on top secret operations “shoulder to shoulder” with the top Commanders of the Air Force and Army.
His book reflects the absolute professionalism of his service. Confined as he was to secrecy throughout the conflict, there are now some interesting revelations. Flo has sensibly left the detailed narratives of various operations to existing publications.
This book is very readable and the content refreshingly new in the history of Rhodesian Air Force operations in the bush war. The story is concise and interspersed with good humour. I recommend this book, you will enjoy it!

The Rhodesian Command Dakota

Too much name dropping and not much substance.

The Rhodesian Command Dakota - Laurence Hill

I found the content very shallow - the story and reality is good, but it contained very little information

A look into the secret world of Comcen

This is an easy to read glimpse into the one part of the bush war only a few ever visited - the secret world of Comcen. Many books have been written about the bush war but, this is the first time we have been given an account of what went on in the Command Dak and those who flew in her. Lots of maps and photos. Highly recommended for anyone who has an interest in Rhodesia's bush war.

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